Sorry State of Women

January 17, 2008

Too often, “underprivileged” is associated with the Black community. And with good reason. What often gets missed out is the status of women. On NPR’s program called The Story which Dick Gordon runs out of North Carolina, one of the women who programmed the world’s first computer, the ENIAC, was interviewed. She described how she and another women programmer had slogged to program the ENIAC for its first demonstration. After a very successful demonstration, the men folk went off to celebrate, and the women were left behind without any explanation or remorse. That was 60 years ago.

How far have we progressed now? See this video on NY Times to understand what is happening in South Carolina–the hairdresser wants a “strong man to protect her”, and “men are stronger presidents than women.” I’d like to vote for Hillary Clinton, just for this–to give people who make such comments and indulge in women-putting-down actions (like the spittle-spewing Chris Mathews and the gotcha-hatchet man Tim Russert) a tight slap in the face. Just what the folks in NH did.


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