It Takes a Heckler….

January 17, 2008

It was shameful to see Tim Russert and Brian Williams at the Democratic debate in Las Vegas last night. If there was any doubt in anybody’s mind as to the low level the media occupies, how it wallows in the filth of political dirt, and how it splashes in that scum, and throws it all over the general viewing/reading public, Russert and Williams deftly dispatched it. Clinton and Obama had made it clear the previous day that they had “inadvertently” let their campaigns bring in the “race” element, and that they were going to eschew this needlessly divisive topic going forward.

But, no! Russert, the gotcha, attack-dog of journalism could not let it stay. He had to paw in the filth and Williams, like an eager puppy wasn’t far behind. The first few questions were all about “race” and it was to their credit that both Clinton and Obama refused to be drawn into that kind of conversation.

Till the bold heckler called “Emperor’s new clothes,” though, Russert and Williams would not let go. And these are supposed to be the best journalists we have? What a shame ! What a disgrace to that noble profession!

Winners in today’s debate: The Heckler

Losers: Tim Russert and Brian Williams


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