Edwards’s Support Is Harming Obama

January 14, 2008

John Edwards, I think, is convinced that he will not win the nomination and that Obama will. Thus, his blatant and desperate attempt for the Vice Presidency as he seeks to publicly align himself with Obama. It started with the debate in New Hampshire when he surprised Clinton. Then again over the weekend he tried to jump on Obama’s side in the unnecessary war over MLK and all that.

However, this will hurt Obama badly in at least two ways.

First, in debates, it will look like the two men are ganging up on the only woman. The perception that Edwards has fostered of himself in this campaign as an angry attack-dog will not help matters Obama. In fact, all it will do is spur a “circle the wagons” instinct in women. This obviously happened in New Hampshire when you compare the women’s votes between Iowa and NH.

Second, this weekend, Edwards, campaigning in South Carolina, commented about the MLK comment, and took sides with Obama. As I pointed out in an earlier post, the race card hurts Obama’s candidacy. By keeping the race issue alive with his comments, Edwards hurts Obama more than his comments seem to support him.

Edwards’ anger is getting kind of tiresome.


One Response to “Edwards’s Support Is Harming Obama”

  1. Ché Kristo Says:

    Edwards splits white votes ensuring that Hillary can’t use the white support to her advantage…this definitely does not hurt Obama

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